STATE OF DECAY 2 Full Game Walkthrough – No Commentary

STATE OF DECAY 2 Full Game Walkthrough – No Commentary

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  1. One of the best zombie games ever created. If this has a list on how to survive, it has plenty to spare.

    1: Having a base for your survivors.
    2: Making sure everyone is happy. (Morale)
    3: Surviving with food, water, ammo, materials, medicine and power (Power is not listed).
    4: Dealing with issues in your community (personal, supplies, etc.)
    5: Killing off zombies that attack your base.
    6: Making deals with your neighbors and keeping their trust.
    7: Trying to keep cures on hand when you need them.
    8: Making sure your have silencers for all your guns, if possible.
    9: Watching out for Feral zombies since they have a hit on everyone.
    10: Keeping the juggernaut zombies from eating everyone.
    11: Finding a quick way to shut up the Screamer zombies.
    12: Avoiding the gang zombies that love to chase you.
    13: Deciding who stays with you and who has to go.

    Overall, this game is the best even without internet play. Best players to have for your base are your choices.

  2. everything is cool but u garbage at driving 💯🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😴

  3. Came here to see if I wanted to buy this game. It looks pretty bad. Badly optimized, half finished, lack of decent story. Not interested.

  4. Thank you for the no commentary, piece of shit the radbrad is such a garbage to watch.

  5. Playing this now this game is alright. I mean it’s a survival game so you’d already have to like those to enjoy this. I feel it has a fallout, left 4 dead feel with survival and annoying followers who threaten to leave.

  6. Must admit the way you smash through thoses doors ibdont want you in my group when the real zombie apocolyops happens 🤣

  7. Haven’t you ever got to 1 bar on searching refueling or repairing then have a zombie come and attack you. I have. I was so mad but also laughing at the same time

  8. This game do not work on PC windows 10, do not buy from windows store. Many players cannot download and install this game on their computer, because of windows store problem

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