State of Decay 3 – Announcement Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2020


  1. They should make it so that you can clear zombies out of zones rather than just constantly respawning randomly. The zombies could migrate back to those zones if you don't keep on top of it. Like the gang warfare in GTA San Andreas.

  2. Ok I've watched it a bunch now, is it me or is she using the Echo labs repeating crossbow?

  3. State of Decay 1 and 2 are just mountains of potential, while they are much fun to play they never tap into what it could be. This is the first entry in the series to be funded with Microsoft's big money so I hope we are going to see a real banger

  4. It's going to be another channel for me I love play State of Decay 2 now probably this one

  5. Normal zombie games: “shhhh be quite they might hear us”
    State of decay: “screeems”

  6. Can't wait the game, I think its more likely similar to the last of us

  7. Just came to know Deers are actually omnivores. Search on Internet

  8. Just out of curiosity dev's, would it be possible if you guys were to implement a system where when you/I play online with a friend instead of just helping them out n keeping loot for yourself, would you guys be able to make to where when I join a friend or they join me, I can claim a base n start my own colony, while my friend is in their colony

  9. I've been playing SOD2 recently in co-op mode and even now, at the end of 2020, I'm having alot of issues with the game. It's fun but all the glitching makes me want to throw my console out the window 🙁

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