State of Decay vs State of Decay 2 | Direct Comparison


  1. And this my friend is why when you make a game you make sure it has proper/excellent mod support right out of the box. Since if you can't fix all the issues you know players *will*. They'll make updates to graphics, add stuff and content and will keep the game going for years and years. When I talk about mods I'm talking about real ones like skyrim, minecraft etc but it requires the game to be easy to mod for. Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case with SoD1 or 2. There are mods but nothing really big and not too many if you compare with what I wrote earlier.

  2. Cry engine really wowwww…i mean this proves it its not engine its the makers…same saying also goes for everything else 😊

  3. state of decay 1 instantly was fun to play + i found cars quite fast and could skip night , here … cars are hard to find, nights cant be skipped and u cant give bag sack to anyone who could take it to the base ..

  4. "Can't compete with AAA…" You know why it doesn't have to….because is one a kind,there isn't a game that provides this type of gameplay on the market.

  5. The graphics are better of state of decay 2 but I think state of decay 1 is better

  6. I thought this was going to be a gameplay comparison, you know…gameplay, the thing that actually matters in a game? Instead it only tells you the obvious, graphics will improve each generation. Waste of time.

  7. I personally love how sod2 plays, undead labs keep updating and improving this game and I'm excited to see if they add any new vehicles and or game mechanics

  8. Are there any differences between survivors from the first game of State of Decay and State of Decay 2? Does anyone have a good answer?

  9. Has anyone who played the game have experienced that survivor goes missing in the second one like from the first one?

  10. but unfortunately there is no blood spilled or imprinted …

  11. (2013) Arcade Game/(2018) Xbox One Game

    There’s The Difference & SOD The Arcade Versions Was Awesome Best Arcade Game I’ve Ever Played.

  12. What's interesting to me is that overall graphics, SOD2 does look better. But SOD1 character models for some reason look alot better than most of the characters in SOD2, where the average person is all puffy cheeks lookin

  13. Dynamic weather, better zombie spawning, better draw distance and improved human A.I. would make this game a masterpiece. Post juggernaut edition ofcourse…

  14. state of decay 1.3 gb you know that? and also game released in's normal things.because Undeadlabs's first game.

  15. You know its a pretty weak advancement when you have to start with the resolution options.

  16. It’s too bad State of Decay 2 doesn’t support Reshade otherwise it would look much better, I feel like State of Decay Year 1 with Reshade and some texture overhaul mods from Nexus looks on par or better than State of Decay 2

  17. State of decay one was more about how it would be when the zombie apocalypse first hits, people dealing with loss and everyone scared, it was alot darker, and the characters were more deeply written. The second one is alot brighter as people have become accustomed to the apocalypse, and having to face a new threat which is the blood plague. The first one had a story, where the 2nd one was more of, randomly generated characters looking the same but with different names and didn't have much of a story

  18. I was expecting a video not just on graphics. I want to know the differences in game play. How does the co-op work? Does it still do the quest thing where it throws quests at you faster than you can solve them, etc? Maybe make a new video that does both graphics and gameplay? I can't really find any videos on gameplay.

  19. Only graphic comparison? Oh come on, I expect something more, like the gameplay instead of graphics. Even now I still tremendously enjoy SOD even if the graphics are extremely dated now.

  20. i think this game looks great for the price and the gameplay you get out of it. games cant always be perfect so why take the time to nit pick for the graphical errors in the game that are hard to spot unless looked for.

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