Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2- All 15 Ways To Kill A Stick Figure


  1. I’m traumatized and enjoying at the same time when I was playing this when I was 7.

  2. This was in my time in kid, and i understand why in this time they make this violence stickman, when happend the 9/11 most of the stickman was blood, explosions, war and killing other stickman with different color, that time the kids watch on the news violence, 1998 colombine, 9/11, others, with 15 years old, they have like 30 or more in this days, so they have that racism or xenophobic, with black and afeganistan people, if this stickman was made in this time they will be deleted, i was kid too and i think "wow fire dead and explosion" now its like shit that its horrible, now instead of racism or xenophobic, we have feminists, covid-19, men cattle and lootbox.

  3. Younger me: ewww so gross
    Me now: I have literally witnessed death in real life when a biker was sandwiched in between two trucks and I saw a police officer get shot with an assault rifle. Nothing can damage my brain any more than it already is damaged.

  4. I cant believe i was watching this when i was young and i turned out fine!

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