Stole Spaceship, Littered in Space Like a Jerk – Sol Traveler – Let's Game It Out (Global Game Jam)

What a great game! You can throw yourself out an airlock, replicate food FOREVER, and perhaps most gleefully because we know we shouldn’t: litter in space.

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More about Sol Traveler: Lost in space on an alien spaceship, you must find your way home. Created during the Global Game Jam 2019 by Samurai Punk (Nicholas McDonnell, Daniel Draper, and Claire Rochelmeyer.)

Stole Spaceship, Littered in Space Like a Jerk – Sol Traveler – Let’s Game It Out (Global Game Jam)

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I also used this music in my outro:
“Werq” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. This guy is awesome. I don't think I'd be making it through 2020 without him!

  2. LIKE SPACE GAMEESS?? huh wwell thy the funny game like subnautica but tis in space tic calles breathedge

  3. Imagine this game IN VR… and COOP … you shout at another to pull right leavers to not die.

  4. To bad it didn't have a homicidal computer "I'm sorry Josh, I can't do that " No wait this is Josh we are talking about, it would say "Please Josh don't break me"

  5. Wtf you didnt try all the controls at one time to see what happens!!!!! 😑

  6. I think they put the machine for the cups intentionally because they know what you can do with games …fill up the entire ships with them cups 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Subnautica but we stayed the hell away from 4546B

  8. try breaking a game called memories of mars any way all your vids are sooooooo funny

  9. Damn felt like I haven't laughed for a long time.
    You cracked me up. Thank you!

  10. Obviously, you're an explorer of stars. You've discovered this little blue planet circling a star called Sol, and the next step will be to call the armada to join you. The game ends when Earth (home to the creators of the game) encounters you for the first time; the harbinger of its doom. This is the beginning of the end for home.

  11. You crash into a lake but are able to swim to shore. Nearby you happen upon a corn field, and you are not alone. There are other humans here, but clothed crudely in animal skins. They don't speak, but something has them running. Suddenly you are confronted by ape men… No, wait. That was something else.

  12. So what the thought behind this game could have been was the reason you flew to the earth: what do you define as "home"?
    I mean you flew right to the earth, so you said that the earth is "home". And if someone asked you on a spaceship what your home is you would have answered "earth" and nothing else, of course. But other people from other planets wouldn't define earth as their "home", but an other planet instead. But if you would be on earth and asked what your home is while being in an other country, you would answer with the country you come from. And if you would have been asked in your country your answer would be the city you live in and so on.

  13. I believe your an alien who arrives in the 50s to teach the world about plastics so we can eventually make a replica of the inside of that ship on a global scale.

  14. You said south America but that was actually Africa lol 😂😂
    But it's okay, you're American haha

  15. Someone is not fammiliar with orbital mechanics i guess. Maybe the developers should have a look at KSP

  16. One dev: Can't make a single working game in 3 years
    This dev: Makes a working game in 48 hours

  17. I presume you just burst out the other side of the Earth and on out into infinity

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