Stormborn – Game of Thrones (Season 6)


  1. Thank you Daemon for uploading all these great compilation videos. I've been dealing with a difficult family situation recently and your channel has kept me sane these last few weeks. I love GOT and binge watching your videos when I'm not working has helped ease a lot of stress. Sounds cheesy but you're a life saver. Keep doing what you do, so many of us appreciate it.

  2. she is the GOT version of optimus prime "let me lead you…. or DIE"!!

  3. One of the things I think was done well about Daenerys was how she’s visually set up to be the next Aegon the Conqueror. He and his sisters had three dragons- Balerion, whom Drogon has been compared to, Meraxes (Rhaenys dragon), who was killed in Dorne, a mirror to Viserion’s death beyond the Wall, and Vhagar, who was ridden by Visenya, similar to how Jon (who Rhaegar wanted to be Visenya) rides Rhaegal.

  4. Oh gees… I cried in this episode when he showed his arm to her …watching in the middle of the night

  5. 3:57 …dude thatsis that all what u can think? 😂😂 good question tho 👏👏😂

  6. she loves pretending not to know the language then killing the creeps

  7. Have you ever turned onthe CC or "Closed Caption function while watching G of T's? It is a function in halarioty! This is what appears as a translation of our Dear Sweet Mother of Dragons @ 28:00 minutes in, "Cream of mahogony Dr. steamy casket bwv godsend I know Gary has any dean arm I nervous enough crazy bwv Maury natchan finish show me how Crimea sandy is today." That is word for word. My whole family is on the floor in tears and have rewound it 10X's!!!

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