Super Mario Maker: World Record Wranglers – PART 113 – Game Grumps

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Speedrunning legend and hentai aficionado Arin Hanson takes on some EXTREME times.
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  1. 13:24 I mean, we didn't want to hurt your feelings, Arin, but if you're gonna just come out and say it…

  2. The “NOOOOO there’s a charger right there” is me sat on my bed next to my charger when my phone dies in my hand 😂

  3. That ad was amazing
    Almost signed up but I'm too blind tho read the registration info

  4. If there's one thing I dislike about the ads at the beginning of their videos, it's that whenever there is one, it's impossible to find any comments about the actual episode. Everyone's just talking about the ad.

  5. Game Grumps is the only channel where I happily watch their sponsored ads.

  6. Hey Arin that was some great acting that was really good I enjoyed that little skit at the beginning or advertisement I should say

  7. oh ho ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i just died for a minute from the twilight zone parody/advertisement/reference/slash/slash/slah/sah/ah/AH

  8. What an odd twilight zone reference who was this for I don’t expect most people to get this.

  9. In the beginning of the episode, I for real thought it was the rapture
    Then I realized it was a twilight zone parady

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