THE BEST PISTOL IN BATTLEFIELD 5! | Battlefield 5 Liberator Gameplay

Wanted to mess around with this pistol to see if I could actually get a little streak with it. Quite fun a satisfying to use besides that the reload takes 7 seconds lol.

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  1. I swear, if DICE makes a modern combat game, the damn Nerf Jolt is gonna be in it

  2. im not the only retarded with the golden liberator dog tag(300 kills),am i? ;-;

  3. He got 14 kills with the liberator that's 91 seconds of reload

    (Would've been 98 if he had not of died before he could reload once. Please reply if I got something wrong.)

  4. When I play on Xbox I’m matched up against hardcore sweaty tryhards and you get matched up against literal noobs

  5. Ahhhh I saw myself in the kill feed in the first clip🤘🏽🤘🏽

  6. Man, I'd love to see you play on PC. I think you would find the challenge way more enjoyable.

  7. That gun was only meant to be fired a small amount of times before exploding in your hand

  8. What are the stats on that little piece of shit? Why is it even in the game, it seems beyond impractical. Did they add it in as a sort of novelty gun? Just don’t see the point of using it, unless it has max damage or something.

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