THE BIG MONEY GAME | Powerful Truth Angels | EP10

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Know when to hold em / Know when to draw em down

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  1. matty keeps talking and losing,,, whats funny is he dont care, thats why he will win.. on the best hand 3 2 vs 3 5 you guys wont shut the fk up

  2. yo matty has definitely played poker before…dude totally finessed 2tone💀💀💀

  3. Matty hangin out w crazy natives gives me life ✨ Just because I’m a native and know the Rez parties are like that

  4. Holy shit, so I heard from later episodes about the Matty bashing. I did not think it started that early in the episode

  5. he kinda played good poker in the end, why would he not bet on a king 10 with that big of a money pool

  6. the gloating was a bit much, but fuck that was fun

  7. Never like podcasts but you 2s….I can’t get enough of! You guys make my nights and days!! I want dog shit tattoos and a beautiful mustache keep ducking g making content for me to lose my breath to 👁

  8. Alex kept getting scared when he had better cards. After that straight he was scared of everything

  9. matty is a button pusher that's why he got rocked by that one gentleman Adam in that ep of dead set on life season 3

  10. Matty told alex he was a card shark. He completely threw alex off and conquered

  11. 27:35 GHAHAHAH you got an ace ? who ? do i have an ace ? why ? that was the most hilarious shit i have ever seen

  12. 19:38 pair of jacks ? hmm there is straight but ok 😛 i guess there is a bad poker player ws Matty playing cards 😛

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