The Fate of Ygritte – Game of Thrones


  1. I'm sure it's been said elsewhere but these compilations are absolutely a treasure for any G.O.T. fan. Brilliant idea, well-edited (leaving a little on head n tail to bring out the context), and more likely than not… headed for some kind of intellectual property purgatory soon enough. But until then, keep it up.

    This one and Brynden Tully (the Black Fish) are exceptional examples of amazing character acting. 26:35. Thank you Rose Leslie, indeed!

  2. Seriously, men in Game of Thrones gotta learn to listen to the ladies.

    Ygritte: We should never leave this cave.

    Catelyn: Ned, don’t leave Winterfell.

    Catelyn: I want you to promise me, NO MORE CLIMBING.

    Catelyn: Robb, don’t marry her.

    Margaery: We should all leave this septe! Cersei is plotting something!

    I could go on and on with this.

  3. 11:15 to 11:45 dialog: how Ygritte ridicules the facistic NihgtWatch is. Of course no sex, that why crow boys run to the first brothel every time they got a leave.

  4. Why the hell did they kill her off?!?! Think about what would be amazing, Ygritte never gets killed and stays in love with Jon, they work together to enforce the relationship between windings and the northerners. Then, when Jon meets Daenerys, Ygritte and Daenerys would be competing for Jon's affection. Think of it! The storyline could be so much more deep and with so many more options if they didn't kill off Yggrite!!!!!

  5. ''Dead man's bastard''..

    HOW can people beyond the wall (wildlings/free folk) KNOW about what happens in the ''South'' ?
    Do the read the POLAR GAZETTE or do ravens with messages drop out of the sky ?

  6. My favorite character in the whole series. Jon should remember her and regret losing her, even when he's buried elbow-deep in Daenerys.

  7. I was never particularly fond of her, and I never liked this couple. I'm not gonna say I was happy to see her dying, but I didn't really give a damn….

  8. My sister really looks like Ygritte. Its a shame she does not watch the show, havent had a chance to show her a pic of the actress.
    Dont worry im no jaime.

  9. Why a captive can be so talkative when someone's going to cut off her head?!!XDDDD Love this character and actress<3

  10. Poor jon, in an abusive relationship with a bi-polar crackpot, then sticking it up his aunties fart cavern

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