The Free iPhone 4s 8GB


  1. Someone had the idea to make the highlighter colors on the back. That is disgusting, people are so irresponsible

  2. I just got one of these (in black) for $5 in mint condition on ios 7.0. Can't wait to mess with it!

  3. Hi how to unlock active lock because my old iPhone 4 I forget the I’d and password possible help me

  4. I don’t get it but how in the world can someone break a phone that bad? Unless they did it on purpose but that’s stupid

  5. Is it just me or does the title sound like a Creepy pasta "the free iPhone 4s" dun dun dun…….idk its 1 in the morning

  6. Have you repaired any phones from Techrax? He destroys Apple products all the time!

  7. There is no official buy swap and sell app odk what you talking about. The closest thing is let go

  8. My mother had an iPhone 4s black. The whole top screen of the phone is cracked/broken off. The charger has been lost. I want to try to get a charger and charge it to see the old stuff… but idk where to find it in store near me.

  9. I think I got an awesome deal. I bought an iPhone 4s 16gb for£10 not that cracked really, fixed lcd and sold for£65

  10. Is it better that I repair my iPhone 4 by myself or should i give it to the Apple store

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