The Game Big Money


  1. Don't get me wrong, The Game ranks amongst one of the most inspirational rap musicians to me personally. "The Doctor's Advocate" ranks amongst one of the greatest rap albums of all time. "L.A.X." was an excellent album as well, this however is probably one of the weakest tracks he's ever recorded. Production's bad, lyricism is abnormally repetitive (due to the chorus being over used) and fails as a whole in my opinion.

  2. snatched that hook up from willie d from the geto boys minds playing tricks on me, very unoriginal

  3. song is tight but when he says "it's like I'm a movie star" id doesn't flow very well….I don't know but it sounds weird…

  4. this beat is hard ass fuck what you talken bout fuck boi?

    "you know I'm in this bitch wit $20 worth of dimes"

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