The Mainline Mario Marathon – all 18 games in under 24 hours! [1/4]

It’s finally here! The Mainline Mario Marathon! All 18 mainline Mario games in one single day! This was a crazy experience to execute, the day itself was tons of fun, and I’m happy to finally share it with you. Enjoy 🙂

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FAQ and other info:

Originally streamed live on Twitch:
Full unedited VOD can be found here:

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Edited by Bismuth:

Intro music:
Outro music:

00:00 Intro
01:48 Super Mario Bros.
07:24 Super Mario Bros. 2 (J)
17:47 Super Mario 64
37:40 Super Mario Bros. 2 (U)
43:48 Super Mario Bros. 3
49:34 Super Mario World
54:21 Super Mario Galaxy

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The Mainline Mario Marathon – all 18 games in under 24 hours! [1/4]



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  1. Best hour and 35 mins I’ve spent in a long time tbh

  2. I've been toying with the idea of doing this marathon for a while. I also figured 24 hours was a good goal since it just about allows for double every world record time. Super cool to see someone actually do this!

  3. what game do you wanna speedrun Kosmic?

  4. I like to imagine speedruns are canon to the SMB universe, mario just gets pissed at bowser for constantly stealing peach and would rather just get it over with

  5. Lol.
    While playing the first SMB, the current world record holder goes: "I'm quite top tier at."
    You can just say the truth: "I am the best in the world at" 😀

    Hot damn, if I was as good as you at this game, I'd probably be saying that all the time 😛

  6. No Nippon Up All night? I know its just a hack pretty much but I do think its kinda cool. Id love to see the werido Mario Bros games marathon. Games like SMB Special, SMB Crossover (could be a good way to play Special, too), the before mentioned Nippon Up All Night, the Educational games (maybe like Time Machine, I dont know if the others would be worth watching/playing) Mario Bros (If there an official end to that or a kill screen?), Mario Vs Donkey Kong, the GBA versions of SMB 2 and 3 (with the e-reader levels), maybe some Doki Doki Panic. I dont know if you d be into any of that but I think it would be different and it would show off some of the lesser known MB games.

  7. Dofus was probably one of the best mmos ever made imo, its so cool to hear that one of my favorite content creators likes it as well.

  8. Could someone please list all the categories for each game? i.e. any% for smb1

    Edit: that he did in the vid

  9. "Sure was nice of Nintendo to make 18 Mario games, ey Kosmic?" "I hope they're all great!" "Kosmic, look. It's from Bowser 'Dear pesky speedrunner, the koopalings and I have made a challenge for you. I dare you to beat all 18 games in 24 hours if you can.' We gotta complete the challenge." And YOU gotta watch." "If we're lost, we'll quickly check the enclosed instruction book."

  10. Legitimate question is Super Mario Run not considered mainline? I know some people consider it to be.

  11. If someone doesn’t like Mario they’re a bad person. Lol

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