The Unreasonable But Correct Way To Play The Witcher 3

So you watched The Witcher on Netflix and you’re itching for more. Naturally, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the way forward. Newcomers or veterans alike, Jake Dekker, GameSpot’s resident Witcher expert is here to show you the correct way to play one of the best RPGs ever made. In this video, we touch on the books The Witcher books Blood of Elves, Baptism of Fire, Time of Contempt, Tower of Sallows, and Lady of the Lake. And of course, anyone can pick The Witcher 3 up on Xbox One, PS4, PC, or Nintendo Switch and play it to their heart’s content.


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  1. I skipped the first 6 steps, but I've played 6 times, currently on my 7th playthrough.

    Plus, I'm a completionist.
    Did every single mission (found them online)
    Got the platinum
    Got all grandmaster gear sets
    Trying to unlock and completely level up all abilities in all skill trees.

    In my latest playthrough, I've discovered all of velen and novigrad, done all side quests. Haven't even met the baron yet

  2. Yeah, just what I want with my video game experience. Homework… Fuck Witcher 3

  3. Why do I not get the whole gwent thing? Tried it twice and neither time I was having much fun.

  4. this video should be called "how to waste your life by trying to make everything in it about a video game"

  5. This video not only gets you prepared to waste 1000 of hrs of your life…but also succeeds in wasting the current 9 mins of your time.. and yes jus play witcher 3 wer ever u have it even with 0 back story knowledge.. phewww jeez

  6. I dont k ow anything about the lore and I'm wondering if I should buy this game. The cinematics seemed very interesting.

  7. Just started another playthrough and I going for a heavy focus on potions

  8. I wish there were a harder difficulty mod and that's coming from someone who thought they would never be able to touch Death March

  9. Lol I play this on my lil Bro's lappy….still kicking ass of Overlevved bosses

  10. Finally i can play the Witcher 3!
    It took me only 2 weeks longer, because i had a few problems with some defected computer parts i ordered ;-P
    Well i am not joking and did everything this video said naturaly because i needed to save up money for a computer and i am playing it just now for my first time and was just looking to explain me the difficulty settings. So… you wont see me again for about 500 hours i guess unless i need sleep ^^

  11. I like when he says I am itching for a game of gwent because he knows I am. Geent is a sparse encounter and when I am halfway exploring I get the itch to meet my next victim at the game.

  12. The Witcher 3 is so fucking overrated
    I know no one agrees with that thank you 🙂

  13. Also you should use the manticore armour , it is based on the description of the armour geralt wears in the books

  14. So really by, "Correct Way To Play The Witcher 3…" You meant dive into the lore of the Witcher. I see. Just do us all a favor and call this wjat it is, clickbate. Let me know how it goes when you try to "Play" a book. I respect the time and preparation all of this took. Sure I love the Witcher story and all, but I came for gameplay info, not a history lesson entailing 8 books, and a fictional one at that!

  15. Haven’t done drugs in a decade. After watching this video, I’m rethinking life.

  16. If you are constantly reading then you aren’t working, in which case it doesn’t matter that your not renewing subscriptions because you have no income.

  17. I feel like I’m being told off by an anime gatekeeper, saying the only correct way watch anime is without subtitles or some shit

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