The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Guide: How To Start New Game Plus

Quick guide for anyone who is getting “game not completed on this save” error message or anyone who is confused by how The Witcher 3 New Game + works.

Before you can start a New Game + you need to load up your older save first (save from just before finishing the game works best). When the save loads up, a message will pop up telling you that New Game+ is now available. Do a manual save and you should now be ready to import that game into a New Game+. Hope this helps!


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  1. Okay plz help, i had the latest version of the game downloaded, i downloaded the new game plus expansion (and made sure its fully downloaded) , and i did everything this video told me to do, but everytime i try to create a new game plus it just creates a new game it doesnt give me the new game plus option

  2. I can't get it to work at all. it says Game Not Completed in this Save. Which doesn't make sense because I bet the game and all DLCs

  3. A few months ago I started a
    new game + after beating all game and both DLC’s.
    Now as I said, months have passed.
    Is there a way how i can restart the new game +?
    Thank you!

  4. Question fkr all you experts out there. If i make a new toon just to beat say hearts of stone. Will i be abke to then New Game+ with that data?

  5. So I thought I had to complete both expansions, n I did just that… I don’t hav anymore “main quests” available. Made another save n tried again but u guessed it… still says “game not completed in this save” smh

  6. I did all that, but wen I try to start new game plus wit ma manual save, it says “Game not completed in this save”…. n I tried that literally right after I had completed the base game

  7. FUCK I created a new game so that a friend could play and now are hours of gameplay gone

  8. So you keep armour and swords that you have in your inventory, but loose them if you put them in the stash, also if you’re lvl100 when you start a new game plus you don’t lose any levels right?

  9. It would be wise to include information on HOW to get New Game+, I shouldn’t have to rely on the comments section to answer such an obvious first question regarding this mode.

  10. Alright, but what If I've played beyond this?

    I mean I did the whole main game….. AND both of the DLCs HoS and BaW, AND NOW I wanna start a new game plus?

    I've not found jack shit… Am I doing something wrong?

  11. 2019 and ng+ option still doesn't show up, even after I downloaded it from the store+ did as was advised.

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