This is how I Aurelion Sol in Challenger elo | Challenger Aurelion Sol | 10.11 – League of Legends

Challenger Aurelion Sol vs Twisted Fate Omnistone

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  1. Went here for tips for LOL Wild Rift Aurelion then realized that LOL PC is very different😑

  2. Good video . Very informative. I still think aurelion sol is a bad champ tho.

  3. When I’m watching you I’m thinking oh this champ looks so easy to play… but then my brain says to me: yo bro this PekinWoof you are not him…

  4. Love how you go through your thought process in such detail. Great video

  5. Hey I was just wondering what small runes you use. Thanks for the gameplay!

  6. What's the point of flashing the tab key so often? It's done so quick my eyes can't even take in any information at all as well.

  7. I'm trying to main Aurelion but this is crazy. He is like because he used that I could use this so he goes there and so be here and……. While he was still farming ._.

  8. Hey, few questions:
    Why Absolute Focus over Celerity?
    Don't you miss Time Warp Tonic when playing Corrupting potion?
    Why no ROA, you play Gathering Storm for scaling, but not ROA?
    What do you think about Conqueror, Electrocute?

  9. What exactly were the runes you went with? And do you have any tips on Asol? I really wanna be able to play him but dont know how.

  10. Thumbs up if you wanna see Pekin duoing up w Solarbacca 😍😍 Way too OP 😱😱💯 💯

  11. Hey Pekin you are on Synapse again lol, with the Zoe baron steal

  12. Can you please upload your Kaym game from May 28th. Your KDA is 28/8/6 😯

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