Titanic sinks in REAL TIME – 2 HOURS 40 MINUTES

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From our upcoming video game “Titanic: Honor and Glory” This is a rough draft (“pre-vis”) of our sinking animation.

Dedicated to the 1,496 souls who lost their lives on April 15, 1912, and to the memory of the 712 who survived.

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This animation was created to go along with the 104th Titanic sinking anniversary podcast we held on April 14th, 2016.

This is our full-length animation of the Titanic sinking, beginning with the iceberg collision and ending with its disappearance. The point of the collision is 1:06. This is a complete animation; not a short animation that was slowed down to match real-time. This is also highly accurate, though we have already documented improvements we plan to make for the final game. The animation includes text frequently appearing with what is happening on board the ship. This includes visuals of various interior rooms flooding, lifeboats launching, rockets firing, and the Californian on the horizon. The animation was created in Unreal Engine 4. The exterior model used is not our final model, but an older model created by one of our team members.

There are many informational messages spread throughout the video, but here are some of the main points to jump to:

0:30 – Iceberg spotted.
1:05 – Titanic collides with an iceberg.
6:06 – The ship has stopped as damage inspections are carried out.
7:44 – Captain Smith orders engines to ‘Half Ahead’.
19:41 – Titanic stops for the last time.
20:04 – Excess steam is vented.
38:08 – The Titanic begins taking on a ‘starboard list’.
43:03 – Thomas Andrews estimates 1-2 hours before the ship sinks.
46:23 – The first distress calls are sent out.
48:38 – Lights of another ship are spotted on the horizon.
53:07 – Most lifeboats are prepared to evacuate passengers.
58:20 – Carpathia responds to Titanic’s distress calls.
1:01:29 – Lifeboat 7 is launched.
1:05:03 – Lifeboat 5 is launched.
1:06:04 – The telegraph operators begin using ‘SOS’.
1:07:22 – Lifeboat 5 encounters lowering difficulties.
1:08:02 – Officer Boxhall launches the first distress rocket in an attempt to signal the ship on the horizon.
1:10:24 – The Carpathia confirms it is on its way.
1:11:03 – Steam stops venting from the funnels.
1:13:20 – The starboard list is eliminated as Boiler Room 5 floods.
1:21:28 – Lifeboat 8 leaves.
1:28:22 – Suction pumps are activated.
1:31:33 – Lifeboat 6 is launched.
1:36:57 – Water is up to the Titanic’s nameplate.
1:39:37 – Titanic begins listing to port.
1:41:43 – Lifeboat 16 is launched.
1:46:54 – Lifeboat 14 is launched.
1:51:18 – Lifeboat 14 is dropped 4 feet into the sea from its falls after they jammed.
1:51:42 – Lifeboat 12 is launched.
1:52:29 – Lifeboat 9 is launched.
1:58:53 – Lifeboat 11 is launched.
2:00:41 – Lifeboat 13 is launched.
2:05:21 – Lifeboat 13 is pushed aft by the discharging condenser, jamming it on the falls.
2:05:50 – Lifeboat 15.
2:05:42 – Lifeboat 13 cannot release itself as Lifeboat 15 comes down on top of it.
2:07:07 – Lifeboat 13 is released and is pulled out from underneath Lifeboat 15 as 15 lands in the water.
2:07:38 – Lifeboat 2 is launched.
2:09:31 – The lights on the horizon disappear.
2:11:52 – Lifeboat 4.
2:12:22 – Lifeboat 10.
2:22:12 – It is now 2AM. The Titanic has 20 minutes left.
2:26:10 – Collapsible Boat D is launched.
2:29:39 – The last messages from the Titanic are heard.
2:30:46 – Collapsible A is slid off the Officers’ Quarters roof.
2:31:03 – The Wireless Room is abandoned.
2:31:42 – Collapsible B is thrown from the roof of the office quarters. It lands upside down in the water.
2:34:01 – Survivors distinctly hear 4 explosions from deep within the ship.
2:39:23 – All remaining power is lost. The ship breaks in two.
2:40:36 – Titanic is gone. Rescuers do not arrive for another hour and 40 minutes.

NOTICE: Comments about conspiracy theories such as the switch theory, the coal fire theory, or any stories of Titanic being sunk deliberately or through criminal negligence will be deleted. These theories have been debunked and proven wrong many times. Our video is intended to educate, and we will not tolerate the spread of misinformation on our page.

For information disproving the Coal Fire Theory:

For information disproving the Switch Theory:

For information disproving the Weak Steel / Rivets Theory:

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  1. NOTICE: Comments about conspiracy theories such as the switch theory, the coal fire theory, or any stories of Titanic being sunk deliberately or through criminal negligence will be deleted. These theories have been debunked and proven wrong many times. Our video is intended to educate, and we will not tolerate the spread of misinformation on our page.

    For information disproving the Coal Fire Theory: http://wormstedt.com/Titanic/TITANIC-FIRE-AND-ICE-Article.pdf

    For information disproving the Switch Theory: http://www.williammurdoch.net/articles_34_Titanic_switch_theory_02.html

    For information disproving the Weak Steel / Rivets Theory: http://marconigraph.com/titanic/rivets/rivets1.html

  2. It is interesting to see how much empathy people have for complete strangers who died a hundred years ago while humans are dying much more gruesome deaths in conflicts every single day. All of you guys are hypocrates.

  3. Was it at all possible that some of the chairs or loungers could have been used as floatation devises? What a shame no one thought of using tables as make-shift rafts. It would have kept people out of the freezing water and given them half a chance.

  4. Without the titanic song in the background there is no way I am watching 2:41:19 of this video😎

  5. Okay but they literally could’ve easily fit way more ppl on the life boats. Especially the one with only 17 PEOPLE ON IT!!

  6. most right. the fact that so many who opposed the federal reserve met their end on this ship is merely a very lucky coincidence for the billionaire class. lucky bastards.

  7. The titanic didn't sink like this.

    First it sink vertically but the the titanic is so heavy so it split in half then the two half sinks together.

    But very amazing video though!!!!♥️
    No hate!!!

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  9. I feel terrible, because i am thinking how terrifying and how much PTSD this would have caused for the people who just barely survived.

  10. This is so sad to watch. Especially when the ship snarls in half and sinks altogether at the end…

  11. my daily reminder of why i should be scared of the ocean 😁

  12. Nothing destroys trust in the official narrative more than censorship of dissent.

  13. I'm here because YouTube recommended this after I was watching Greek myths. Best time investment of my life

  14. Imagine being on one those life boats and looking back to seeing a grand ship just vanish into darkness. Terrifying

  15. ngl i’m really interested on this but this ocean shot is giving me massive anxiety.. like i hate the ocean sm😂

  16. Hi Lindsay Ellis, I see you’re back here again for the 500th time. How are you?

  17. That’s not how it sunk, it split at the bottom and the two half’s of ship flayed upwards because of the water pressure in the middle

  18. This video looks so calm but I know in the actual event the people are panicking especially those people in lower deck.

  19. I don't know whats worse, drowning or freezing to death 😦

  20. I don’t care if this is animated, I’m still crying for all the poor people. I’m imagining the screams and crying, the poor animals not having a clue what’s going on.

  21. The man who designed the titanic even said that even god can’t sink this ship. Big mistake

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