Top 10 Modern PC Games


  1. Losing impressions on IGN…I mean there are plenty of top notch games… And you selecting strategy,rpg elements games mainly …..Wth man!!

  2. Can we just appreciate how much variety there is among PC Games,and there aren't limited to generic over the shoulder 3rd person shooters, ranging from massive open world RPGs like Witcher to Indie platformers like Celeste.

  3. Best modern games you say? Doom Eternal should be on this list then, perfect to test your brand new GPU with a high refresh rate monitor.

  4. Can somebody help me out with this problem? I got a pc with my main and secondary Microsoft account however, I purchase $/£1 of Xbox game pass ultimate every month by making a new account. My problem is, I don’t know if my data from any installed game will be different from my main account. (Example, let’s say I purchase $/£1 of game pass ultimate on some random new Microsoft account I created to play any game, let’s say flight simulator. Okay, now if I install this game on my pc and play 2 hours worth then switch to main my account which hasn’t got Xbox game pass ultimate, will the data be transferred over or won’t I be able to play the game to begin with. Thanks.

  5. Ok all of em are pure trash aside from GTAV, Witcher & Nier Automata, Here's a proper list guys (in no order)
    Witcher 3, Nier & GTAV
    Destiny 2
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Black Desert
    COD BO3
    Metro Exodus
    Project Cars 2 & 3 soon

  6. You guys have my respect for mentioning Divinity: Original Sin 2, one of my favorites.

  7. Don't get frustrated on IGN guys. They just posted the video which should have been released in 2016

  8. Skyrim and Fallout 4 should be on any top PC games to recommend. With tons of content on their own, and mods support, with thousands of talented and dedicated modders. Not mentioning those 2 is a crime on its own.

  9. My personal list for this decade (PC only)
    10. Far Cry 4
    9. Mortal kombat 11
    8. Batman : Arkham knight
    7. Call of duty : Modern Warfare
    6. Assassin's Creed Origins
    5. Nier Automata
    4. GTA 5
    3. Detroit become human
    2. Senua's Sacrifice
    1. The Witcher 3

  10. how do you not put Red Dead Redemption 2 on a MUST PLAY video……

  11. I know this is pretty much a meme at this point but Skyrim is still an absolutely excellent game.

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