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Top Shop (also known as Board Game Top Shop) is one of the best titles in the A1/SuperLite line-up of budget titles (along with Battle Hunter) and was developed by “KID”: Kindle, Imagine, Develop. It’s sometimes hard to believe that developers/publishers of adult titles like Can Can Bunny can make kid-friendly games for the whole family (to be fair, they have a pretty comprehensive, diverse track record). Also titled “Tenant Wars” or “Tenant Wars Alpha”.

The game is a board game of sorts where your goal is to be a Mall Mogul and have the best business in the mall, which can lead to driving the competition bankrupt in the process. To do this, you must set up many different stores, buy, sell, order various goods, expand your business, build your assets, and survive game-changing events! You can move different spaces on several maps and plot your course, and up to six people can play. The game features nearly a dozen playable characters and over fourty types of stores you can open up, which have their own items and look upon expansion. There are also a lot of different events and points you can use for various things such as passing “Go” (the bank). The game takes place over months and even years and it’s a pleasant title that doesn’t take long to learn. It’s not perfect, but there’s quite a bit of fun to be had for such a cheap title. It’s decent to play alone and great with some friends.

This video goes over roughly the first fifteen minutes so you can get a feel for the flow of the game. I love how the “friendly” Meower is mean to the “modern teenager” Maiko. Enjoy.


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  1. Luv this game. My ex GF and I use to play it. She got very good at it. She told me she once had a TOP SHOP and Chat got a lucky card and closed it down. DONT ever mention SANTA to her in this game lololol

  2. i remember playing this on my old ps1 or ps2. is there a way to get this on PC?

  3. I agree with the other poster, Sony should bring this for Android. its such an fun rendition of monopoly, and in many ways better!

  4. I loved this game. Never could remember the name of it, so i'm glad I stumbled across this video.- Sang Frais

  5. HOT DAMN that music is so catchy. Does anyone know where I can download the game's soundtrack? Or does anyone even care enough about this game to rip it?

  6. If anyone knows where I can just get the soundtrack for this game, would greatly appreciate it. Can't seem to find it anywhere online. I finally was able to figure out the name of this game after having fond memories of it for years.

  7. I can't they only released it in NTSC and I need a PAL 🙁 Would need to bring it out on PSN store which I don't think they're going to do as i've begged them countless times to no avail lol.

  8. The PS3 is most certainly compatible with PS1 games; it's actually PS2 games that "most" PS3 units are not compatible with.

  9. You can't run it on the PS3 because it isn't backwards compatible with PS1 games. You can you in on your computer using the PSX emulator. Give it a google and try it out.

  10. I LOVED this game! :'(

    Does anybody know how I could get it on the PS3 please??? I tried buying it off the internet but it didn't work D': Badly want to introduce it to my stepson lol Xx

  11. @Vetuyasha I swear this is a good group game! and the songs and backgrounds are pretty cool too!


  13. Looks very cute. Even thought I find board games boring I will try this one.

  14. @teh2Dgamer
    truly creative, this game rivals and eclipses many party games. Beneath the coat of candy colors and catchy tunes, lies a strategy game with endless replay value. How does the AI fare in versus matches? – though this game is delicious when played with friends. The first Mall allows you to open shop anywhere with the funds at your disposal however, as the game progresses, and the Malls increase in capacity, and if you follow earlier strategies, you will find yourself overstretched…

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