Tower of Babyl Floor 16 losing no allies バブイールの塔 16-1

This was the final battle of this new event and I have to say that it was quite fun.
The battle requires you to have over 45K health (better if over 60K) to clear without losing allies because of the plain damage that the second boss does periodically.
If you can’t bring Summer Alexiel, I suggest bringing two sources of dispel because the supplemental damage hurts a lot without her tanking the hits.

Have you managed to clear this battle yet?


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  1. So what exactly the strategy here? I'm planning to use earth since i have s.alex but people said light doctor team is viable too.

  2. The second boss's triggers have to be % based, because I don't have anywhere near 45k health and they didn't kill me.

    Rather than bursting the first boss through the 15% trigger, I just ate it with Vane and revived him. You could do the same thing with Pecorine too I imagine, and she's free.

  3. I just put trheo in third party alone and when the 15 triger out i switch with her cause she doesn't die with 3 guts 😅

  4. This floor is nasty… it hates free team since every ele got their own way, yet it was locked behind gacha or unavaiable for some moment if u dont grind it

  5. I cleared this battle with Magna wind, Andira Siete grimnir. Harp build (3 grim harps, cosmic, Astral, ROTB) just s4 siete the last 15% of 1st boss and tank the 10% trigger from second boss with andira 2+ougi.

    Pretty simple event tbh.

    PS: the plain dmg from second boss is based off max hp, since he was eating me for about 28K on my side.

  6. Thank you for reference. It helps me a lot.
    For those who dont have S.Alex, you can clear the mission with Alex instead. Kirin and Titan (can be *0) will help a lot too just in case that your survival skills are on CD.
    My setup (magna / highlander) :
    [Party 1] Alex, C.Naru, Chicken
    [Party 2] Eugen, Alliah, C.Magisa, Okto(*5)
    [Party 3] Soriz, Cag, Medusa, Caim
    Basically I mainly use Party 1 until they run out of survivablity and then switched to Party 2-3 to sustain until all Party 1 CD came back again. (Skills CD will still decrease even you switched the party out.)
    Hope this helps someone, just like Emptyblie helped me.

  7. What are people's thoughts on the event overall so far? With the generosity of the rewards and the 5 day window all these stages are one time clears, with more floors added per rerun(Maybe 4 floors each run?). Like GBVS the Tower runs really high and I can image that it will cap at either 50 or 100 floors. I say 50 since in terms of difficulty spiking 1 to 16 is pretty significant. Not sure what to expect if they go beyond 50 floors. Even now the rewards are pretty stacked with the most important being the Azure Accolades and Cloud Commendations. I can imagine them making tweaks as the event grows older but overall I like it. It doesn't take long to complete the event so I can see this event having a re-run while another event is also running.

  8. I just cleared everything up till floor 12.

    These last 4 floors scare me… but maybe I'll try this fight with Light Doctor…

    I do have S.Alex, but I only have 27k HP.
    Plus, no Lobelia or X.Naru or Mahira… so maybe not Earth. 😅

  9. Used magna light team of chrysaor, G.Jeanne, 5* Fif, and Zooey

    Used Fif s4 for first boss 15%, but turned out Jeanne burst is enough to bring it down

    2nd boss is pretty easy as long you keep your hp high

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