Unbroken – B-24 Liberator Bombing Scene


  1. @3:54 I stood in a B24 when it was on land with the bomb doors open. I can only imagine. Bomb doors open over Europe. Holy cow.

  2. Omg why do movies keep making the bullets of the plane like a pistol if it was a real bullet that guy should be in pieces!

  3. What's the title of the full length movie in which this 7 minute scene is in?

  4. Great uncle joe who had passed recently was a top gunner in a B-24, good man he was. miss you papa joe

  5. I've always looked at the b 24 and think of it's as an american Lancaster

  6. Was lucky enough to talk to a B-24 Pilot at his home before he passed away about 5-6 years ago, what brave and inspiring men

  7. The average age of a soldier/sailor/air corp/marine during WWII…(1941-1945) was 26 yrs old! Now you can't get a kid to put down his video games…never mind save the world!!!

  8. “Unbroken” did give some light to the B-24 bomber I’ll give them that; “Memphis Belle” also got me to know more on the B-17 when I was young.

  9. I read in a book about a gunner who flew this mission in a different plane said that they used b-24d's retrofitted with turrets on the noses and tails

  10. just found out the massive caveat of 8 player Mario kart, you need an extra console, so instead of playing versus, I'm watching this

  11. My grandfather in his Bf109 got 19 of this dung buckets down 👏😚👌!

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