Veilstone Game Corner (Remastered) | Pokémon D/P/Pt


  1. When I was younger, I never even knew how to work the stupid slot machines. i just liked the music so i always went to the game corner to jam to some jammin tunes. i rlly appreciate the remaster my man.

  2. Um….. Can someone make some lyrics and vocals to this shit? This shit is amazing, and the only thing that could possibly make it even more so would be the perfect lyrics. I just don't know what perfect lyrics would be 😅 someone should try it, is all I'm sayin'

  3. I remember entering and leaving constantly just to hear that intro…

  4. My old man was absolutely obsessed with the Game Corners. Back in FireRed, it was thanks to him I was able to get a Porygon.

  5. I always thought that this was the most badass theme in the game. As a child I would walk into the game corner, leave my DS open and jam to this song. I didn't even understand how to use the slot machines, I loved going there just for the music.

  6. Bet they'll take this this out in the remakes just like what they did with the Mauville Game Corner…

  7. I never got to play the slots. My experience was with European Platinum. Still, this theme song was great, even if heard for just a few seconds while collecting leftover coins on slot machines.

  8. umm excuse me I know im REALLY late but…
    is it okay if I use this for a project?its non-profit and ill give you credit for this.

  9. I miss the game corners. They could bring it back as an arcade of non gambling minigames. But nooooo. They insist on burying a part of the soul that is pokemon. They could reintroduce gimmick mini games from older regions even, but they are either too busy or they just have 0 common sense. We all know it's pachinko gamefreak. WE LITERALLY HAVE CHUCKY CHEESE AND DAVE&BUSTERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  10. Thinking you knew the Clefairy's secret methods to win was cool as a kid. But luck was luck I think. No wait, I just used Clefairy.

  11. The original is already good

    But this is god tier
    I like the game effect sound added

  12. Would I have even thought a day I could get goosebumps with this music… That's so beautiful.

  13. I could play this at a rave and nobody would call me out for it

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