[Vietsub][L.A Team] KBS2 A Game of Thrones (Youngji Cut)


  1. Tr ơi! Amber đẹp trai vãi
    Hình như Amber nhường chị Youngji thì phải

  2. Youngji is the cutest.. She so cool.. The fact that amber is tomboyish and hit the gym but youngji can stay longer

  3. right when Amber wrapped her hand around youngji's head I was like … "SHIP!"

  4. i ship jackson and youngji so hard but i have to say, youngji and amber look good together too, at least in this vid. Anw, jackji's still the best.

    she tries her best at everything, you go beautiful!!

  6. Amber's whip is beautiful, such perfection. it's nice to see dance moves travel continents 😁

  7. Amber dễ thuơng quá. Chị ý nhường Young Ji thì phải

  8. ad có thể sub sbs founding star của youngji dc không ạ? hóng lắm lắm

  9. Có link nào full ko bạn? Eng sub cũng dc, ko thì cái này tập mấy mik lên kím, cám ơn, trả lời mik nhé

  10. Thật sự khi nghe xong câu nói của youngji Amber đã bị tổn thương vì bị lầm tưởng là con trai … tội Llama quớ

  11. I always feel that Amber lost to Youngji intentionally. Maybe Amber did not want Young Ji to suffer because Amber could see how Young Ji wanted to win. However, both of them are really good

  12. Young ji is very nice she not  import her image only need be herself and that is perfect

  13. Young-ji has the same talent with Seo Kang-joon [roommate], eating lemon without expressing a sour-faced. Cute 🙂 I really like Young-ji. I've watched the video even though I didn't understand what they were saying, just observing their gestures. Fighting Young-ji! Keep it up 🙂

  14. con bé Young Ji dễ thương quá. Nó giống thằng "bạn thân" Jackson của nó ở chỗ chơi cái gì cũng hết mình :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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