WD Black D10 Game Drive: 8TB of Space on your Console?

The WD Black D10 Game Drive is an 8TB machine that is able to deliver sequential read and write speeds of 250Mb/s. By simply connecting this to your console or PC, you will never run out of storage space, whether that is installing game titles or recording gameplay footage.

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  1. How much Storage is Left after I format it to my PS4 pro as extended storage for the 8Tb

  2. I bought one of these and its horrifically loud – really regret buying it

  3. I just bought this. It's great having the huge amount of storage BUT the WRITE SPEED SUCKS when moving games off the PS4 PRO HDD to the WD 8tb HDD. Right now I'm moving 20 games over & it says I have 8 HOURS until it's FINISHED. I have HUNDREDS OF GAMES so moving as many as I can until this is FULL is going to be a MAJOR PAIN IN THE BUTT.
    It will be nice to have nearly every game I own on 1 HDD though instead of 3 5tb EXTERNALS(2 are FULL & 1 is a quarter full) & clear up my internal SSHD(I'll leave my most played games there & games that take forever to load).

  4. So if I connect an 8TB HDD to my console I will get unlimited storage forever and ever, amen? 🙂

    Can I get that on paper, please!

  5. If I use one for my Xbox for a year and fill half of it and then get a ps4… will I have to clear all data first?

  6. I am definitely looking into getting one these with last of us II soon to be releasing

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