WD_Black D10 Game Drive Unboxing #AD


  1. I bought the D10 WD_Black 8TB it’s insanely addictive and it’s insanely great the modern warfare game is very detailed way more smoother and faster i can see every smallest details the dots and face details lot more…

    I got in the PS4 system Samsung 860 QVO the gameplay lagging and poor performance and poor details SSD it’s nearly impossible for longtime game

  2. Hi am a huge fan I had no idea you still made vidios this is amazing

  3. Please don't give up on YouTube. Love your videos. Have done for a decade now. Even your charity work and Christmas presents vlogmas days. Loved 'Stop Hannah time'. Please bring more back

  4. Hi Hannah! Will you be playing Song of Horror – Fear the presence? Looks a cool game that’s suited to you!:)

  5. I use my 12Tb D10 with a Mac and it's a great way of keeping all my iTunes Store purchases safe and sound. Considering getting another one as a backup to the one I'm using. Interestingly these use an Ultrastar DC 500 series drive internally which are datacentre/server-grade hard drives designed for long term use.

  6. Hey Hannah,

    Just wanna let you know, I don't get much opportunity to watch you, but you are one of my favorite content creators and I always look forwards to your videos, even if it isn't something I'd normally watch.

    With love from California,

  7. DN what happened Hannah I remember 5 years ago you where with Yogscast and everything

  8. Think I might have to pick up the 8TB when I get paid next month…. I'm so close to filling my PC and have too many more games to download

  9. I really would love this for my setup but after upgrading monitor and other things I’m out of money, going to have to wait a bit

  10. The price is a big no for me just for hardware, I know its a good product but struggle to justify at that price.

  11. I literally just ordered a WD black drive a couple days ago and got it today lol… Not a D10 one, but still…

  12. Nicely editted and informative video! If i'd ever be in need of 8TB of storage, this would most likely be my choice. For those who are new, as far I have experienced, Hannah (lomadiah) only picks product she herself believes in through either experience or thorough research. Her opinions and information about the product can be expected to be legit. -Altonative

  13. Just got the 12tb drive delivered today, what a lot of people don't realise is that these contain enterprise grade drives, very fast and very reliable and are dirt cheap compared to just buying the drive on I s own, I'm shucking mine to put in my pc, it doesn't require any tape tricks either on the SATA connection.

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