WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive Unboxing: Adding 12TB to my Xbox One!

Thank you Western Digital for sponsoring this video.
This WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox One from Western Digital has added 12 TERABYTES of storage to my Xbox and also comes with 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! See the easy setup process along with some gameplay!
WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox One™:
For more on WD_BLACK, check out www.WDBLACK.com

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  1. I just bought this for my msi laptop, I will do heavy 3D rendering
    Also I might play a couple games or too there

  2. Hard to believe back in the day we used to spend tons of money on 256kb N64 memory cards.

  3. Is this going to work on Xbox series x? I’m only asking because the series x expandable storage cost like $200. I already own the wd black

  4. I love this external hard drive. Bought the 5tb one a month ago. Love it. Also got a seagate 2tb and a 1tb turo.

  5. woah that 12tb for the xbox sounds real nice for all the games to download

  6. Slowest drive I have ever used. Like ridiculously slow. Can't recommend

  7. I do not trust Western Digital after three different hard drives I bought from them corrupted at separate points and I lost a lot of files, since even my backup hard drive corrupted. Never found a way to recover the data or fix them. It is interesting to see how people are still using gaming consoles, but not games on disks as much (that the games are being purchased digitally).

  8. Why not wait until they release the series x, it'll have a proprietary storage for the SSD? Or at least get a small but cheaper external hard drive.

  9. Already can do that with Stadia unlimited space and soon unlimited games without having to upgrade a console every so often.

  10. 10.9TB free from a 12TB? So you have lost 1 whole TB. Seems a bit much, should have been like 11.4-5TB. But a whole TB loss is massive.

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