What ‘Game of Thrones’ Could Learn From ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’

With the conclusion of the worldwide sensation Game of Thrones, the internet obviously had a lot of opinions on how things went down. While I can definitely see validity to all the pros and cons out there, what I was mostly struck by was the shift in writing, namely the character development and the “twists.” And since I’m up to my eyeballs in Avatar research, naturally I started to draw comparisons between the two series. What they had in common, and where Avatar seemed to be more successful. What’s up, guys? I’m Kris Carr, and today I’m going to talking to you about what Game of Thrones could have learned from Avatar the Last Airbender.
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  1. While I love both shows and agree GoT ruined itself, it's fair to point out that Avatar in a sense, deus ex machina to find it's answer in the end. Sure, there's little hints that LT exists but we're never told anything about them throughout the show. This is one thing I hope the Netflix adaption fixes so that it feels more natural rather than, omg i found a LT who taught me what i needed in the last minute to defeat this guy without killing him.

    That being said, Avatar is still the greatest show to grace television even 15 years later.

  2. I just feel like Azulas story arc reminded me more of Cersei

    Cersei was vile and cruel from the beginning.
    Lied and manipulated and plotted to the point where she was paranoid and unable to trust anyone because of it
    She was always trying to prove herself to her father and felt the sting of not having a mother.
    So the fact you chose to compare Daenerys to Azula….feels so wrong.

    I see her more as a mix of Katara and Aang.

    Gifted major power, and trying hard to tone and control it. Compassionate mother figure who snaps when her people are harmed. Struggling to handle the weight of a destiny placed on their shoulders at a young age.

    The comment about her being "that girl at Starbucks" was dumb and unnecessary.

  3. Game of Thrones is not even equal to book fire. Which is just 1/3 of Avatar The Last Air Bender
    Avatar is waaaaay better.

  4. Okay to be fair though, comparing practically any character to Zuko is pretty much unfair lol

  5. If ATLA was wrote by GRRM:

    – Aang would be a bastard
    – Appa would be killed for food during a long and desperate winter
    – Suki would be sporting broken teeth from time in prison
    – Uncle Iroh would be Bobby B (more into booze and whores than tea and cool proverbs)
    – Zuko and Azula would be banging each other
    – Effects of Hundred Years War would be more graphic

    Come to think of it, there are quite a number of similarities:

    – Aang is effectively Azor Ahai
    – Appa = Ghost (both have a strong connection to their owners)
    – Avatar State = Warging
    – Biological lineage of Aang is unclear (he must have had a mother and father, even though he is constantly reincarnated)
    – Katara is Ygritte (both live in a cold and inhospitable climate, strong and determined, close connection to what is around them)
    – Sokka has all the sarcastic humour and clever planning of Tyrion, develops new skills and inner depth as time goes by
    – Suki is Brienne, resilient warrior woman, only more beautiful
    – Toph is clearly Arya, tomboyish, rebellious, Arya even goes blind
    – Azula = Cersei, 'nuff zed. Even when talking to Zuko she has a bedroom voice. I mean seriously, she uses it on everyone!

    But don't feed me that nonsense about those two dildos running out of book material, they had plenty of it in A Feast For Crows/A Dance With Dragons, they just ignored 80 % of it. GRRM even said they could have gone up to 13 seasons, and HBO was willing to give them unlimited credit. Only way this miserable series can be redeemed is through anime and GRRM finishing the books.


    Conclusion: Fuck Double D (I hate typing this, because I've always been partial to buxom curvy full – figured women, but D and D are a pair of giant tits for ruining ASOIAF on screen)

  6. Zuko – Jaime
    Toph – Arya
    Aang – Jon/Daenerys
    Katara – Sansa
    Robb – Sokka
    Azula – Cersei
    Ozai – Tywin
    Iroh – Tyrion

  7. Nah, Avatar is weeaboo trash brah. Game of thrones has far better characters, worldbuilding and even political intrigue. I mean the series was based off real history ffs.

  8. Yes there are aspects of avatar the last airbender and game of thrones that you actually can compare to an extent, and not just in the series but also in the avatar the last airbender comics the character who marries Zuko and azula’s exiled mother was a master swordsmen that actually took down heavily armed soldiers and all he had were wooden swords just like the bravosi swordsmen that trained Arya in sword fighting in Game of thrones!

  9. You do realize that game of thrones had 72 episodes in total while avatar had 61 in total…game of thrones had 11 more episodes but I do agree with this because game of thrones has super long episodes while avatar the last airbender only has episodes about 20 minutes long….

  10. Azula is Cercie not Danny. Lannistsrs are the fire nation. Not targaryians in story arcs.

  11. So at least George RR Martin has an ending to his books. Just take everything HBO did, and don't do any of that…. none of that shit.

  12. 14:40 here when she burn that city down was like getting ur heart broken by a girl (that's a dime💯)
    u known sense elementary…like she fuck one of ur mans that caps a lot…I will beat that nigga ass in the middle class n take that expulsion n extra raw beef with that 150 fine on my fucking soul

  13. Avatar the Last Airbender is:

    War, taught philosophy on how race is an illusion between the elements (“we are one people but live as if divided”- Guru Patik), fascism (“a new world, our world, born from the ashes”) air nomad genocide, assasination, divorce (Zuko mom), love, death, comedy, weirdly satisfying creatures, spirituality, child abuse, psychological trauma, brainwashing, conspiracy, almost caste system like class segregation (ba Sing se, separation of the walls, guy said “you have no idea how long it took me to get this house in the upper ring), sacrifice, wisdom (“humans only use knowledge to get the edge on other humans . . . do you think you’re the first person to believe your war is justified? – Knowledge Spirit), mourning, sexism, sibling rivalry, vengeance, animal abuse, appropriation, refugees, taxes, corruption, gambling scams, pollution, Mother Nature retaliating (spirit kidknapong people after his forest burned down), targeted imprisonments and enslavement (taking control of town, stealing earth benders and making them work for the fire nation), revolts, depression, identity crisis ( “Do you have any idea what my home life was like, growing up with six sisters who looked exactly like me?! It was like, I didn't even have my own name! I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as a matched set! At least I'm different now! CIRCUS FREAK IS A COMPLIMENT!” – Ty Lee 2008), and a character being so grief stricken they were willing to risk death just to feel like they were worth something (Zuko crying for lighting on the mountain top).

    Honestly surprised I remembered some of these quotes by heart but this show has such good writing it’s possible to pick out the gems. This cartoon sums up all of the worlds conflicts and truths and makes it digestible for anybody. Everyone now can learn so much from this show. I would argue it’s the most well rounded life lesson of a cartoon series ever. This isn’t just a fun series like the rest of them. This one feels like it had a purpose. This cartoon has a truth to it to the point that I think everyone should watch it. And it did it in 62 episodes.

  14. Danny isn’t power incarnate. She’s just entitled. If she were the incarnation of power she wouldn’t be dead. Danny would basically be girl Aang is she were more humble like the white queen in Alice in Wonderland (2010) but in a world dominated by men ruling you can’t be soft and weak willed to be the leader. That’s why there a line in the last Airbender in the final episode that says “to bend another persons will your own will must be unbendable or you will be corrupted and destroyed” and that low key seems like the reality of a lot of ladies these days. Danny took the opposite approach and had unbending will but it wasn’t strength as much as it was just stubbornness. I mean, if you know one purpose for your life and don’t know what you would do instead would you really care what’s happening around you? Especially when you think all the bad things that are happening in the world are because you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to do (which is kinda narcissistic)?

  15. John Snow is the Avatar and he defeated the fire lord but not before enjoying himself. One could say he GOT his cake and ate it too. Or her if you need me to clarify what the cake is.

  16. I binged GOT and it was my first time watching it and I saw from early on that she was a tyrant. This was just the first time she didn’t listen. Only difference between Danny and Azula is at least azula was a warrior. I can respect her for that. Danny just seemed entitled.

  17. Netflix is letting the original creators make a live action series of the Last Airbender with 45 min episodes so it more detailed. Also don’t worry. The original creators had nothing to do with that terrible movie and said the director didn’t even take any of their advice.

  18. I like how people have been watching and talking about avatar for over a decade, and barely/no one is talking about GoT

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