Wifi antenna Repair – iPhone 4S How to Tutorial


  1. Бля, единственное видео, которое хоть чем-то помогло. У русских все видео по 4S, как греть телефон феном. Добоёбы.

  2. meu iphone 4s caiu foi trocada a tela e agora fica sem sinal de rede so buscando ja reiniciei ele ja fiz o reset e mesmo assim so fica buscando sabe me da uma dica do que pode ser

  3. i have a phone that has a interior is brosken how do i fix it fif i don.t fix it i wil get some wone to fix it

  4. I tried this and my wifi is still greyed out, but to make matters worse, my phone won't connect to the carrier no more. It's quite likely that I've done something incorrectly, and I'd be grateful if someone pointed out what I did wrong.

  5. my iphone 4s wifi became greyed out ..after updating to ios 7 .. will it b ok after replacing the wifi antenna ?

  6. The problem with my iphone is that the connection is really bad, so as soon as i'm out of my room it won't connect anymore. How do i fix this?

  7. I can set my wifi ON, but wont´t detect any wifi 🙁 can this antena replace tutorial fix it ?,

  8. Awsomeeee!!! does it have a period time? or does it will repeat the same issue again ? or its just a temporary fix?


  9. Yeh I have a Qustion.

    Wifi problem on iPhone 4s gray out wifi shmbol. Or wifi not turning on from setting is that software problem or wifi antina problem ??????

  10. So after we remove the antenna what ?? put a new one?  the  video don't explains what to do after removing the antenna !! …

  11. Can't even think about doing this with finger and wrist arthritis no fucking way 😩🔫🔚

  12. I changed two pieces inside my iphone, including the wifi antenna and I still don't have wifi. What do I do next?

  13. When removing the battery, pull the plastic tab that says "Authorized Service Provider Only" so you don't ruin your battery prying it out with a metal tool. 

  14. I installed the new piece just as in the video and now my phone won´t find any signal, not even cellular signal.  Where have I gone wrong?

  15. Hey chicos, tengo el problema de la antena en mi iPhone 4S y viendo este video me anime a cambiarlo, pero no se donde conseguir estos repuestos, si alguien sabe de algun lugar desde ya muchas gracias. Vivo en Chile

  16. Lo lograste solucionar paisano? Ando en las mismas, y estoy mirando si compro el repuesto y me arriesgo a instalarlo yo mismo, por donde vivo no hay técnicos de apple. saludos.

  17. Not sure if some people who find this doesn't work are actually replacing the wifi antenna or not. It is not clear that you have to replace the faulty antenna in the video, but I think that should be a given. I could only connect to my router if i was next to it. My bluetooth would skip if I was more than 2 ft away. The ass clown who sold me the phone must have damaged it when they refurbished it. So I replace it with a new and now I can connect from long distance n bluet is also perfect!

  18. Hi!
    I bought a new wifi antenna and replaced it on my iphone 4s, but it doesn't work!
    After i replaced it takes a long time to load the information from the sim card and asks for a code and sometimes it never pops up, it says "Searching" until i restore it and go on itunes and connect the iphone to the laptop and put the sim when it says it needs a sim card to activate the phone!! So please respond to me with a help!!!!

  19. have I really got to go through ALL this just to get the wifi antenna out which is at the top of the phone and pretty much visible when the cover and battery is out ?!!
    really ?!!

  20. this actually works . i have no idea why it is flagged as spam . it's probably someone from ****e thats flagging it as spam so they can get 200$ for an iphone replacement so they can sell your old iphone after repairing it instead of an easy fix . However , this solution works better when the iphone is wrapped in an aluminium foil wrap and also this solution is not permanent . it worked for a week the ni had to freeze it again .PEOPLE !!!!!!! DO NOT mark as spam if you don't know whats spam!!!

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