Windows 10 Game DVR – How To Record Your Games


  1. Is it possible each time I start the DVR on state of decay 2 logo I get blue screen of dead (service exception win32base) every time I do it on the unreal logo but if I wait the game to start after this and start DVR I am fine!! Is it the software and the game having a conflict at this point? I tried on other game and everything is ok I ran chkdsk sfc scannow and Memtest found no issues please help computer proz!!

  2. My forza horizon 3 clips stutters alot . i even choose 60fps to record gameplay. why is that so? i mean my pc is supposed to be powerful enough to record forza smoothly ??

  3. Thanks Dude IT helped I finally found a normal screen recorder

  4. I have game dvr on my windows 10 computer but whenever I record with it the video ends up blurry. Is there anyway I can fix it? No matter what I do to the settings it keeps burring up my video. I am trying to use it for speedpaints.

  5. DVR doesn't work period for any games on steam for me, even windowed or full screen o.o

  6. hello? can u help me ? im trying to record minecraft in fullscreen but the only thing it does it make minecraft lighter for on seconds two times and then its comes back to normal birghtness and doesnt record

    EDIT : it only records when i turn off fullscreen

  7. I have a problem called "Unable to record at the moment. Please try again later."This happens when I try to record Half-Life 2 randomized (source randomizer). The reason I'm getting this is probably because it's a heavily modified game. But I still want to use it. So can anyone help?

  8. When I go to the settings for xbox and go to Game DVR it just says it has been turned off by your organisation how do I turn it on?

  9. is there a way to enable it in more games the only game that I own that works with it is counter strike.

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