Witcher 3: Preparing for New Game Plus (NG+)

Hello and welcome to another Witcher 3 video!  This video focuses on what to prepare for in New Game Plus, and what you should consider before starting on the path for a second time.

Below is a checklist of the things that are discussed in the video.  It’s important to get your build and gear sorted out, and to consider how many mutations you want to unlock on the off chance that you will lose your mutagens when starting NG+, which can happen.

I hope you find the video useful.  There will be a separate video detailing how I levelled up to level 61 before starting NG+ but that is only for the obsessive, completionist types and is REALLY unnecessary.  My first NG+ playthrough I started the game at level 54 and for level 94 Legendary Grandmaster sets, and it makes very little difference other than the Witcher swords being level 100, and the dubious aesthetic value of having level 100 Legendary Witcher gear. Here is the link to that video in case you decide that you’re crazy like me:

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Get Hen Gaidth sword

Get Aerondight + add slots

Clear monster nests and abandoned sites, leave this until as high a level as possible

Stash all gear / displayed items from Corvo Bianco

Use the Mutagenerator

Convert monster mutagens to Lessers

Consider build Vs mutagens as you may lose the Mutagens in the transition to NG+

Convert lessers/green/blue to Greater Red Mutagens if needed

Put Runewright enchantments on Hen Gaidth, Aerondight and anything that requires them

Mastercrafting – create any Greater Glyphs or Runes that are needed

Make any gear and buy Undvik set

Dismantle the Concealment kit (masks disappear, want Spectacles only)

Sell items as necessary, including trophies as they disappear

Optional: level up (not necessarily recommended) separate video

Optional: Skellige chests (not recommended unless completionist)

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  1. Phoenix237,
    Which of your videos covers ‘the grind’ to get to level 61 or at least on the right track please?

  2. Phoenix237,
    In your video, you show the ADDAN DEITH sword in your inventory. How can I get that sword playing Blood and Wine? Or, did you get in the normal story mode and just held on to it? I just reached level 49. This video is awesome. imo..

  3. I just completed the game and gonna start ng+. Definitely the best game I've ever played. I didn't know that you get a potion of clearance at the start of the game, so I purchased 8 potions of clearance and restoration each just in case…
    I also got all the grandmaster witcher sets except the feline, cause I know I'd never use it. Anything else I should do before jumping into ng+?

  4. I just finished the base game but was wondering whether to do an NG+ run through or just forget about it and do the HoS and Blood and Wine expansions? It's unlikely that I'll ever have the will to finish my original playthrough and a complete NG+ playthrough (Don't have the patience)

  5. Where can I find the guardsmans gauntlets? I have the diagram to craft them but they’re so low level. Yours are 61 in this video and I can’t find them at the runewright

  6. I wish I had the thought to watch these vids before I finished the DLCs

  7. I heard somewhere that having severance in one of your swords makes it available on both and the same for preservation so why do you put severance on both?

  8. I wonder how long before this set up expires in the NG+ How far can you go with it?

  9. Oops…for a long time I was confused how to get all gear to be light as I thought Levity only applied for the chest piece…then I paused the video and read the text…smh

  10. another great vid with lots of info. I just beat the main story for the first time, but got the worst goddamn ending possible. Now I feel like I need to replay the main story to get the good ending before playing the DLCs lol. but nah gonna play them and get all the upgrades then do NG+, a lot of great info in your vids man, ty for making them. helps out a looot

  11. When I see Geralt with those glasses the first thing that pops into my head is "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH"

  12. Hey I've just started and nearly have Velen complete. Just to check, it's better to do every quest and get a high enough level before NG+? I know the map markers don't carry over but does quest progress? Also should I focus on reaching the highest level possible before I finish and start a NG+?


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