Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Death March Walkthrough!  Part 18: New Game Plus Episode 1

Hello and welcome to my Witcher 3 New Game Plus walkthrough!

New Game Plus is a slightly different experience than playing the game from scratch, and it can either be easier or more difficult depending on your build and your understanding of the game.

This New Game Plus walkthrough focuses on using my Uber build (which I consider to be the best build possible) to make New Game Plus as easy as possible and make getting that Death March trophy or achievement a piece of cake!  If you want more if a challenge, check out some of my deliberately less overpowered builds.

This walkthrough also assumes that you have most, if not all, of the key Alchemy ingredients and potions from your regular playthrough, because Alchemy is a big part of being a powerful Witcher in this game.

Please watch my ‘Preparing for NG+’ video first, as setting up correctly is the most important aspect of New Game Plus:

I started New Game Plus at level 61 because I wanted level 100 Legendary Witcher gear, but this is FAR from necessary.  The build works identically as long as you have the correct gear. If you want to grind the many hours to reach a higher level before starting, check this video out:

Most encounters are easy, so we focus on ability points and build progression more than specifics of combat or encounters.

I hope that this walkthrough proves useful for you!  Thanks for watching, and please like, comment and subscribe for more videos!

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  1. Hello, I just finished the main story for the first time but didn’t like my ending so ima restart from scratch. Do you believe your build is still the best?

  2. Lots of tips in here. Already missed out on the taking the root out for extra experience but thanks for also putting the bit in there about the aerondight sword about having to level that up as well. Never did that so need to do that. Hopefully since I got it at level 48 it'll catch up to my level of 55 when I level the sword up the way you talk about

  3. For steel swords in NG+ do you keep upgrading for better stats?Should i just keep the same armor for out most of play through (viper gear)?- Seems
    Most enemies have bludgeon attack

  4. Love this series. Just a little thing, you can still do the Tomira swallow quest but just talking to her in her hut. I just did that today

  5. I hate the sound bug when you take a decoction it plays no sound! It's so game breaking.

  6. Quick question. So my last trophy I need for the plat is Deathmarch. Would it be easier to do this in new game plus or a clean playthrough?

  7. I don't know if I can beat new game plus on a death march, I beat the normal game and everything else

  8. Hey man just finished playing through blood and wine and finished the game for my first time! Fucking EPIC nearly up there with Skyrim maybe even excedes it! If I want to start to a ng+ and I put all my armor swords and whatever else into stash when can I have access to it in ng+? Do I have to put it in stash at kaer morhen so when I start ng+ I can just grab it straight away?
    Wearing the hen gaideth armor with aerondight. Really helpful guide mate thanks

  9. You can still do the side quest. Just go to her house and the wounded woman is there.

  10. Worst thing I have ever done:
    Grind to lvl 100 in order to get the best level 140 armor in NG+.
    Starts NG+ at level 100.
    All enemies one hit you and take a milklion hits to kill.

    Still going to play it with the likeaboss cheat just for the story and views.

  11. Your information is really useful for NG+ shame not many people here. Keep quality like this you'll go to the moon bro thank you very much for this. <3

  12. No reason to wait anymore to do Monster Nests, undiscovered locations etc?

  13. Thanks for all you help and responsiveness with your comments etc. I would never have started on Deathmarch without your help! Are you going to continue this series?

  14. Liking the walkthrough a lot, very insightful. On a side note, I would really like to see you showcasing builds with the other mutations, there are so many cool combinations, but everyone just uses Euphoria, the broken mutation. It makes the game boring, in my opinion, you might as well play on "Just the Story" mode. My favorite ones are the combat mutations and Adrenaline Rush, I use all of them on my pure combat feline build, makes the game challenging while also being viable.

  15. love your vids, it's been a god send of top info I've been using. the community is lucky to have you

  16. I appreciate how committed you are to providing quality guides, even though the game is old. Thanks for all the help. God bless!

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