X-Ray Pad – Thor XL & XXL Mousepad Reviews: SUPER FAST Cloth Surface

Check out my review of the X-Ray Pad Thor – these are XL and deskmat sized cloth mouse pads with insane speed. Are they a good fit for your style?

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  1. This pad has the worst build quality I have ever seen the stitched edges started breaking after half an hour of use and it slides all over the desk btw. the stitched edges hurt none because they broke and that hurts on my arm

  2. what is the desk ur using in the vid and what length 200 or 150 cm ?

  3. The stiched edges don‘t really seem well made on mine they broke after half an hour of use

  4. Fun fact…these are the exact hk gaming Ceres oem mousepads…there also cheaper from hk

  5. what is the fastest mouse pad there is? im looking into glass mouse pads. Can anyone answer

  6. 4:43 what size is the thor mouse pad there?

    Edit: 0:47 Is that xl extended or just extended? I don’t see only extended in the link

  7. X ray pad are so goated worth the wait cant wait to try it out on the razer viper when I get it in black friday and maybe even a model o-

  8. Yo are you gonna be reviewing the glorious model D anytime soon??

  9. Wait… You use 400 dpi? Too fast, I use 100 dpi.

    However, at the beginning of 2019, I try 1600 dpi and boy I was struggling. Then I try it for 4 months, 8, then 11. Its feel normal and I like it on big mouse pads. Also my sensitivity is Low so I do need room. Never use 100 dpi. Its feel like pushing a rock. Well when your used to like 1600 dpi. So, don’t think high dpi are impossible to use. I think between 400 to 2000 is fine. Practice makes perfect.

  10. I know you probably wont read this, but I bought this mouse pad on your recommendation and have had it for about a week so far. I have always found and used hard surface mouse pads to fit my play style much better, I am a 400dpi flick aimer. Currently using a g pro and aim a lot with my wrist. I have to say I love this mouse pad, it is fast enough that my flicks feel quick and accurate but has greatly improved my tracking. Thanks so much for the review, I never would have found or bought this pad if it wasnt for you 🙂

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