Yo-kai Watch 4 – Game Review

After many late and weird localizations, the newest entry in the Yo-kai Watch series is finally coming to the west! But, as per usual, I couldn’t wait for it and played the hell out of the Japanese version. So, here I am, to give my impressions of it!

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  1. Is there an English version for this game? I’m planning to get one if there’s one! The moment i saw the graphics i was INSTANTLY HOOKED!🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖

  2. Hey, bruno, não sou muito bom em inglês, te conheci pelo video do jogo de world trigger (PSVita), tentei achar conteúdo mais recente ou algum canto da internet pra me comunicar contigo mas não achei, teu trabalho é muito incrivel, to vendo vários videos em sequência aqui <3

  3. I am a bit confused as to why keita's watch goes back to the original and still isn't the dream model?

  4. Dude, just gotta say, you are very funny. This is the first video made by you that I have watched, and it's a masterpiece.

  5. Hey, mate. Were're you from? I wanna say Brazilian, but am not sure.
    Edit: FUCK. I watched your channel's trailer. NAILED IT.
    HU3 hu3 hu3.

  6. right now the only yo-kai watch game i still haven't play are
    blaster red cat corp (i do have white dog squad)
    yo-kai watch 3 (cause there's shortage of those games)
    and blasters 2 (not release yet)

  7. I wish I still had my copy of the original Yo-Kai Watch! I'm a PlayStation gamer now, so I hope that we get this localized!! I miss Jibanyan! 😭😭

  8. Odd, while playing this game tonight, a line was "メカジキを使って自分で行ってください", which my phone camera translator says means "Go fuck yourself with a swordfish". How accurate is that, and what does it really say, anyway?

  9. I realize you haven't made a video since October 2019, but I'll ask this anyway, in hopes you'll see it and reply:
    Have you played the Yokai Watch 4 PuraPura (++) paid DLC/update that came out December 2019? If so, what do you think of it? If not, what made you decide not to get it?

  10. Yo-kai Watch: uses the Switch as an opportunity to change the series into something better
    Pokémon: "Hey, how about we give you the same thing, again, for the fourth time in a row"

  11. Normally I'm a Pokemon gal but between the lack luster Sword & Shield release and massively upgraded sequal to Yo-kai watch, I'm leaning much more towards Yo-kai watch this round.
    I don't get on with text heavy games on the 3DS screen so I had to skip all the 3ds games.

  12. 6:10 man it is going to be hard convincing my self to pick up this beautiful sequel as my first Yokai Watch game when they're still trying to whitewash everything and the combat system is generic now

  13. This was an extremely great and helpful video, i just ordered it (because I'm not patient for western release) and i thought i would look up some help on youtube. I just hope that it doesn't localize tooooo soon because i don't want this to be a waste of money

  14. Man this is the switch game I have been looking for. Pokemon let me down. I am loving this. Looks like it’s gonna be the best game yet.

  15. Hey guys can you help me,I absolutely love yokai watch however since I don’t understand Chinese, i couldn’t follow the plot and I’m very confused on something, what are the shadow side yokai and why are yokai like whisper different

  16. I've always hated the art style in this franchise, but this game actually makes me want to check out yo kai watch… 3. If that game had a lot of fun mini games and this one doesn't, that is very disheartening… But not as disheartening as the fact that you now play as the human and not the monsters. For fucksake, the reason I even play these kind of games is so I'm not playing as humans. If you couldn't still collect and battle alongside monsters, I wouldn't even consider this game.

  17. I hate the new battle system. Makes me not want to play and i've played all the games on 3ds. I'm so dissapointed 🙁

  18. Why did I skip him telling the story? I don’t even understand Japanese

  19. 3 years ago yo kai watch was having an identity crisis and trying to find it's right footing but I can safely say YO KAI WATCH IS BACK

  20. I actually didn’t mind not every Yokai being in the game (quality over quantity is matters imo) the crank-a-kai seems to have bad rng this time around owO, but really liked the battle systems (still like the one from the 3ds games) , new befriending system, the sumo arena was a nice new edition to the game, the story (don’t understand Japanese but could atleast get an idea of what’s it about after watching the forever friends movie) only thing I didn’t like was the stealth section that ai was annoying also as for the frame rate I didn’t mind it at all but hopefully the ps4 fixes that 👌🏻(owo) Yo-Kai Watch 4 is what I wished Pokémon Sword and Shield would try

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