YouTube sensation Ashlund Jade talks about 'The Pop Game' – POPSTAR

Pop Star! sat down with YouTube sensation Ashlund Jade right before the finale of ‘The Pop Game’ and was blown away by some of her answers. What an incredible young woman with a bright future.

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We got a chance to catch up with the incredible Ashlund Jade. She talks about how her YouTube career was launched as well as her time on The Pop Game. Singer, dancer, actress and model whose very first cover song received over a million YouTube views in three months. She has worked with several large companies, such as American Express, AMC, Lifetime, and DreamWorks. She is currently competing on Lifetime’s The Pop Game.

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JoJo Siwa at Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards – POPSTAR
Starring: Ashlund Jade
Location: PopStar! studios


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  1. great job Ashland. you all deserved to win. you all are winners. good luck in your career. your young, beautiful, talented, your down to earth. your modesty will take you far in life. cravetay has Alot of cockiness about her that's a turn off to fans. without fans popstars careers would not go far. I hope you all stay in touch with each other. good luck to you.

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