Yuna Kim – Free Skate – Ladies' Figure Skating | Vancouver 2010

Yuna Kim sets two Ladies’ Figure Skating world records with her Free Skate performance at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Yuna Kim – Draw My Life:
Yuna Kim’s tropical smoothie:
Yuna Kim relives Vancouver 2010:

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  1. I have never seen a figure skater as good as her. She's just special. I don't know much about sport but I watch figure skating every Olympics and never have I been more mesmerized by performances in the ice rink than Yuna Kim's. Can't exactly pin point on it but she moves with a level of grace and flow that just makes her different from everyone else. Others may be more flexible or they may have a more technical routine or whatever, but they all have something missing in comparison to Yuna. She reminds me of Jet Li who was also a prodigy in Wushu – what one would call a once in century talent.

  2. The best. Absolutely the best. I’m glad they include the reaction to the score. Her best score before that was 133, 134. The way she obliterated that … it took years for anyone else to come close to any of the scores she put up in Vancouver. So far ahead of the field. She’d been steadily raising her short program score all season so that wasn’t so much a surprise but 150 for the free was an absolutely massive score that was unthinkable to achieve, and she does it in the most important performance of her life. 150. Insane. That was in range of what the top men were scoring for free skates at the time— high 150’s, and 160’s. Her total score would have put her in the top ten for the men. Legend.

  3. SHE’S AMAZING !!! The jumps were so clean it was breathtaking!!!

  4. I think I forgot how to breathe for a sec- That was spectacularly stunning, like an ice fairy in her natural habitat, there were no noticeable imperfections, her expressions were on point, and I absolutely could not look away. Beautiful.

  5. Flawless. Absolutely beautiful, graceful, and lovely. I get goosebumps every time I see her skate.

  6. she makes this look easy ….

    bruh you know how hard this is and she does it perfectly :O

  7. it’s sad that figure skating lost its art form. all the new figure skaters do is jump to get points but yuna was the whole package. the standard

  8. Eu tô ficando maluca ou tem um Mano com uma camisa do Flamengo escrito: "CAIXA" ?
    Se for… é real que em todo lugar tem um brasileiro flamenguista

  9. 本当にジャンプが綺麗

  10. She cried because she knew her performance was close to perfection. I would cry too if I were this good actually 🤣

  11. カリスマ性が高いし、こういう舞台でミスも少ないし凄い。👍

  12. I come back to this video again and again in my time of difficulties because this cheers me up so much and entrances me to some new dimension of hope.

  13. Speed… distance… height…proper edge used… no full blade and no pre rotation… adequate rotation… what else?

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