Zombie Shooter 2 trailer

Imagine yourself coming to visit an unknown city and seeing it almost ruined, with all the citizens turned into zombies. What will you do? Call for help, organize a large-scale rescue campaign or… Try to dig your way out of the situation, find out what happened and use your last chance to save the person you love!

Zombie Shooter 2 is a unique blend of two game genres – Action and RPG. Every player can choose a character to their liking, get experience to develop skills, earn money and spend it on weapons, medications and useful devices. All of this will be used against thousands of enemies. The zombies fill the game screen, never letting you rest, even for a minute.

Nguồn: https://openworldleague.org/

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  1. i finished the hard mode in 2 hours. but still is that a record? (the rocket soldiers was the hardest to kill) and it was just now so?

  2. Anybody know of any good isometric zombie/viral apocalyptic adventure/RPG games with dark gritty graphics like this game on Android? Looking for something a little slower, with a gear/looting system like Diablo/WoW, a story, NPC survivors with Dialog, lots of locations to loot/scavenge, maybe a game similar to Vampires Fall: Origin, or Exiled Kingdoms on Android. But has to be a zombie apocalypse setting. Thanks!

  3. I am finish zombie shooter 1 and 2 to level 15. 🤭 zombie shoter 3 when?

  4. Literally been waiting half a decade for another zombie shooter game 🙁

  5. Actually it's alien shooter 2 I have played that and I have it 1 and 2

  6. hey guys i can cheat now in this game this game is soooo easy man just type cheatm this code cheat can give you soooo many money code cheat here it is

  7. Diablo + Doom + Resident Evil = Zombie Shooter ….

    BADASS Experience !!!

  8. Подскажите пожалуйста как называется последний трек где его зомби окружили и потом трек прикольный. // Please tell me how is called the last track where his zombies surrounded and then the track is cool.

  9. I used to play this game a lot, it will be super awesome to make it as MMORPG. Can u even imagine it ? Holy damn. I have a fuckng vision somebody mail me.

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